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I am an experienced and accomplished guitarist and bassist. I have been playing, performing, recording, and producing music in some form every day for the past 15+ years. Music is my life’s passion, and sharing that passion with others via teaching is as gratifying as any stage has ever been. I have recorded multiple albums and performed on stages throughout the Johnstown, Pittsburgh, and Ohio areas.

If you’re going to be learning from me, I feel I should tell you more about Christian the Person, not just Christian the Guitar Guy. Aside from music, I like to spend my time watching movies and anime with my friends. Additionally, I am a proud cat parent and enthusiast. I enjoy working with computers, skateboarding, and building things.

I have lived in the Johnstown area for 26 years and am hoping to accomplish my goal of bringing music back into our area. Johnstown is a tight-knit community with a rich history. We have an affinity for the arts and bringing people together. I believe that playing music together is the best way to get the community one step closer to where we would all like it to be. I hope we can learn from each other as student and teacher and be a catalyst for change in our community.

– Christian

As a self-taught guitarist, taking lessons from Christian helped me correct bad playing habits that I had picked up from YouTube. I have absolutely zero regrets and recommend his lessons to anybody interested in learning to play electric guitar.
WEEKLY SCHEDULE (by appointment only)
Guitar and Bass Lessons
MONDAY198 Southmont Blvd
8AM - 9 PMChristian
TUESDAY198 Southmont Blvd
8AM - 9 PMChristian
WEDNESDAY198 Southmont Blvd
8AM - 9 PMChristian
THURSDAY198 Southmont Blvd
8AM - 9 PMChristian
8AM - 9 PMI
8AM - 9 PM

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