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September 1, 2020by Christian0

The best time to start learning to play is now.

One of the biggest barriers to learning an instrument is the fear that you will not immediately excel. As adults, we have it in our heads that we’ve already exhausted and developed all of our talents and skills. This is simply untrue. Trying, failing, and trying again is not a pattern of behavior exclusive to children. The world’s oldest performing ballerina is in her 80s. Van Gogh didn’t begin painting until he was in his late twenties. There is no deadline for starting to do something that brings you joy and satisfaction. It is not too late to be good at something new.

Many people spend their lives with an inherent curiosity in terms of music, but never take the plunge to actually learn to play. There are a myriad of reasons why one may feel like learning to play guitar or bass is unobtainable, but the phrase I hear the most is “I’m too old to learn.” This apprehension can prevent you from finding a passion that you could potentially fall in love with. While it is true that many of my students are children, the vast majority of my adult students are grateful that they ultimately decided to start playing.

Younger students often require a different teaching approach, but adults have the same capacity to learn as anyone else. With practice and dedication, anything is possible with your instrument. Within a few months you can start as an absolute beginner and end up playing your own covers of songs that you have grown up listening to. As adults we tend to live busy lives and have less free time than our younger counterparts, but setting aside an hour per week dedicated to learning a new instrument can be cathartic and therapeutic. It’s important to give yourself space to better yourself in some capacity, and if your method of doing that is through music, I’d be honored to teach you, no matter your age.

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